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Gypsy Dell Faery Dwelling

Gypsy Dell Faery Dwelling

15 GBP

Faery Dwelling hand made entirely of foraged items.

Faery doors are magickal portals to Faery Land.

Traditionally, Faery doors should be placed next to a skirting board in your home as an invitation welcoming the Fae (Faery Folk).
It is considered good manners to leave little gifts by your fary door/dwelling every so often, things like pebbles, seashells and shiny objects are ideal! This will reaffirm to them that they are welcome.

My little dwellings are made from natural and recycled materials and every single one is completely unique. Some parts are treated with wood protection but due to the other materials used, they are not really suitable for being kept outdoors for long periods of time.

They are fragile ( which is why I don't like to post them) and for decorative purposes only. They are not suitable children's toys. They contain small parts and real plants.
Please keep away from children and animals for their own safety and the safety of the Faery Folk!

Collection Only!