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Homegrown, hand made smudge sticks

Homegrown, hand made smudge sticks

3.50 GBP
My Smudge sticks are made from  plants I grow in my own garden. 

Please Note........
Rosemary available all year round but each smudge stick is made to order. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of your purchase.

Common Sage
These smudge sticks are made from a garden sage (Salvia officinalis) plant that I grow in my own garden.
Although White Sage (Salvia apiana) is most commonly used, it is not an easy plant to grow in the UK and the demand from the "new age" market has placed White sage on the endangered plant list.  If it is not readily available and cannot be ethically sourced, I don't believe it should be used.

Common Sage is said to bring about a long and healthy life and is used to purify and cleanse space.
It is a good herb to use to cleanse a new home as it may remove any unwanted energies lingering from previous occupants, giving you a blank canvas in which to start afresh.
Sage smoke can also be used to cleanse crystals (I cleanse my crystals with sage before re-charging in the elements).
It can be used when meditating to help gain guidance from your spirit guide/s.
Some believe that carrying Sage in your purse/wallet helps to promote financial gain.

 Lavender is mostly associated with it's relaxing properties that can help aid sleep but it has many more properties besides. Lavender is strongly associated with love and brings calmness, joy and peace to the home.
It is said to increase psychic awareness.
It can be used for anointing as well as exorcism rituals.
Lavender is also associated with creativity as well as money & business.

 Lavender and Rose
Lavender and Rose make a great combination for use in spiritual cleansing as both plants are associated with love and healing. Rose is the flower of love and aligns all the Chakras as well as helping us attune to angelic vibrations. Lavender brings calmness, joy and peace to the home. Smudging with this bundle will release negative energies and purify, and leave a clear space in which to start anew.

Rosemary is a really special herb and I personally smudge with Rosemary more than any other plant.

Rosemary is associated with the fidelity of lovers.
It is said to increase wisdom, strengthen the memory and help the brain.
It also represents the dominance of the lady of the house and can be used to give power and presence to female members of a household.
It is said to protect from evil spirits and can be used to deter unwanted visitors (It is good practice to grow rosemary outside your front door for this same reason. If you do not have a garden or room for a pot, simply hang a bundle of rosemary above or next to your front door).
It can be used to cleanse houses after illness or death.
Burn as an incense whilst meditating.

Full instructions on how to use them safely and respectfully are provided.

General Safety

Smudge sticks are set alight and then smouldered. Common sense and care should be taken when using a smudge stick. Remember to keep a bowl of water handy and to carry something to catch any falling ash.
Do not leave a smudge stick unattended unless you are 100% certain it is fully extinguished.
The practice of smudging gives off smoke so is not suitable for asthma sufferers.
Keep away from children and animals at all times.
For magickal & spiritual use only. DO NOT INGEST.

The length of each stick varies but they are approximately between 25cm long.

If you any of my smudge sticks are unavailable, it means that the plant is either not ready to be harvested or that the plant needs a resting period.